Experienced users know that GPS signals can only be received outdoors or by a window, so I can’t know where I am on the map indoors?

In order to alleviate this problem, Green Tracks will receive GPS positioning and network positioning at the same time when it is first launched. After the first positioning is completed, the network positioning is turned off immediately. Even if the mobile phone has mobile data or Wi-Fi, Green Tracks only uses GPS positioning.

In other words, Green Tracks always use GPS positioning. The network positioning when Green Tracks is activated is to speed up the first positioning speed and solve the problem of not receiving GPS signals indoors.

The reason for turning on the airplane mode is purely to save power, but if the airplane mode is turned on, the Green Tracks will not be in place indoors.Green Tracks has an automatic return coordinate service. Of course, this service also uses GPS positioning, but to automatic return coordinate to Telegram, you must have a network signal, so it is not recommended to use the airplane mode to activate this service.

There is an item “Enable Google Maps Location” in the global settings. Once this setting is turned on, in addition to the triangular arrows of the Green Tracks, the small blue dots of Google Maps will also be displayed on the map for positioning reference. This setting will not improve the accuracy of recording track, it is recommended to keep the default off.

So how can you improve the accuracy of recording track to reduce GPS drift? It is recommended to choose a mobile phone with dual-band GPS when changing mobile phones, which will be much more stable.